Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not much to say.

I don't have much to say tonight. I just wanted to post this picture. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our first no diaper day.

Greetings friends,

Praise God! Ade still wears a diaper to bed, but from the time he woke up this morning and went potty on the toilet, until he went to bed, he didn't have an accident or soil a diaper all day. That includes one two-hour time span between trips to the toilet. Pretty exciting stuff, huh? I knew you'd like that. He's been doing great with potty-training, we do have the occasional accident, such as: "Wet Dada" as a warm liquid flows off the seat and down the legs of the high chair, or "Mama Wet" as he walks, legs spreg wide, in a sort of cowby mosey toward the bathroom. We aren't complaining, he hasn't had a single #2 accident in or out of his big-boy-underoos since we began.

In other news, Ade got his first tricycle this past week. In case you didn't know, he loves bikes, and he loves to wear a bike helmet (I wonder where he got that from -- nature or nurture? Only God knows). I don't have any pics to post yet as the weather hasn't been very cooperative. I'll get some soon enough, have patience. For the time being, watch this video and be appeased.

How about the big-boy-bed(BBB)? Perhaps you've forgotten about the BBB excitement around here every evening...probably not. Ade is doing much better with the BBB. He regularly goes to bed with no issue whatsoever. Tonight he kissed me goodnight, said "bye-bye dada," laid down and got cozy all on his own, we didn't see him again after that. Every now and again, he will decide he's not quite ready for bed and will leave his room to come find mom and dad, but these issues are inferior to the initial headaches we had.

I think that's all. Goodbye for now.