Thursday, February 12, 2009

Overheard recently....

The Little guy's vocabulary is really expanding much more quickly than I expect. Every once in a while he says things that make you do a double take (at least from a Dad's perspective.)

Yesterday: "I changed my mind."

Recently (and repeatedly): "Oh, nevermind."

Again, recently, a nice exchange:

Me: "How is Oma?"
Ade: "Not fine."
Me: "Oh really, what's the matter?"
Ade: "Her back hurts."
Me: "Oma's back hurts."
Ade: "Yeah, she has an owie."
Me: "Oh. She has an owie."
Ade: "Yeah, right here," hands behind him touching his back.
Me: "I see, did you help her feel better."
Ade: "No...the doctor fixed it."

One more:

Last night, I wasn't feeling so hot, and I sat down on the couch for a minute and fell asleep. During that time, Ade must have gotten up and got into bed with his momma. When I awoke, I went into the bedroom to find him in my spot. So I lifted him up gently, and cradled him in my arms. He curled up into a little-boy-ball, still asleep. On the way to his bed, I heard his soft little hoarse voice: "I wanna lay with my momma."

"I know." I whispered as I laid him down in his bed and covered him up with his blankets. I expected to hear a protest, a whimper, a cry, something as I patted his back and left the room.

He didn't stir.