Sunday, May 3, 2009

When I was a little baby...


Just wanted to pass along some interesting things Ade said recently. Perhaps it's only interesting from a Parent's perspective, but he's not yet three years old so I think some of the things he comes up with are hilarious:

As the title suggests, he's told me a few stories this week that start with: "When I was a little baby..." I have to laugh because he isn't very big.

Just today I told him he was nuts, he said: "I'm not nuts, I'm crazy!" Indubitably.

Ade was sick this weekend, he told his Mama: "My bones hurt." Poor little guy :(

If you ask him to tell you a story, it will probably start with: "A long long time ago..." and then it will include details of what he has done that day such as had waffles for breakfast, then go play out in the backyard etc.

Quite an amazing little creation, our little Adam Ernest, I thank God for him everyday.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter and Gilbert House Fun

Easter Activities:

The weekend after Easter we went to Gilbert House with Oma & Opa. Funny story: We had some free passes we've been waiting for a nice weekend to use. They were about to expire, and the weather was good so we went on Saturday. When we got there, it was free admission day. We had fun:

Ade had his Mommy flatten his playdoh, then he took his playdoh knife and made these cuts. Then he told her "It's a glove...a basebal glove." It's abstract, but you can see it. Our little sculptor :)

Gratuitous Bubble Blowing Pic:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gender differences

I had to share this:

Yesterday Ade and I turned on the TV and flipped through the channels for a minute. We came to the Lawrence Welk show where a slightly flamboyant pianist was playing a slightly flamboyant classical piece. I stopped for a minute, and we enjoyed the music.

Ade asked me: "Is that a Mommy, or a Daddy?"

We watched for another minute, it was obvious (to me) that it was a male, then I said "I don't know, what do you think?"

The camera panned around to show the man's face more clearly.

Ade: "I think that's a Daddy..."

Very interesting....


Monday, March 23, 2009

I don't remember her.


A few updates on everything. One of Ade's favorite new things is "Playing Elmo" on the computer, as in playing with the little interactive games on the sesame street web site. If you've never played: YOU...ARE...MISSING...OUT. Just ask Ade. There's all kinds of fun stuff, like sorting animals at the vet, to making crazy hats, to finding rhyming words. Whoo-hoo! Ade took to using the computer mouse in about 1 minutes, he's a pro now.

Michelle and I are shopping for houses. It's an interesting process; in general we try to find a sitter for Ade because he's a distraction to the process. Today, he was coming along and I told him we were going to go see another house with Yolanda, our realtor. He said: "I don't remember her." And he would know, he remembers the craziest details.

Regarding his memory: The other day I told him I was excited about going gold mining with him summer.

Ade: And eat an apple.
Me: I guess we could bring some apples.
Ade: And a sandwich.
Me: Sure, why not.
Ade: And throw rocks in the water, with Oma and Opa.

This is the point where I realize he remembers the only gold mining trip he's been on, which was with his Oma and Opa, we had apples and sandwiches and he threw rocks into the water all day. So anyway, his memory good.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm not a booty, I'm a booger.

Ade's still as busy (if not busier) than ever. He keeps us so busy we don't have time to post anything here of import, but here are some videos to enjoy.

I called Ade a "booty" the other day and he said: "I'm not a booty, I'm a booger." Here you go:

Here's a cool one of Ade singing itsy bitsy spider.

Here's one of Ade on a tricycle. He's a pedalling machine! He obviously gets that from his Dad.

Haven't posted any pics in a while either, so here's a cute one of Ade, with one of his (still) favorite christmas, this time he fell asleep playing the guitar. Awwww....

Finally, here are some candids taken by Ade of his mommy and daddy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Overheard recently....

The Little guy's vocabulary is really expanding much more quickly than I expect. Every once in a while he says things that make you do a double take (at least from a Dad's perspective.)

Yesterday: "I changed my mind."

Recently (and repeatedly): "Oh, nevermind."

Again, recently, a nice exchange:

Me: "How is Oma?"
Ade: "Not fine."
Me: "Oh really, what's the matter?"
Ade: "Her back hurts."
Me: "Oma's back hurts."
Ade: "Yeah, she has an owie."
Me: "Oh. She has an owie."
Ade: "Yeah, right here," hands behind him touching his back.
Me: "I see, did you help her feel better."
Ade: "No...the doctor fixed it."

One more:

Last night, I wasn't feeling so hot, and I sat down on the couch for a minute and fell asleep. During that time, Ade must have gotten up and got into bed with his momma. When I awoke, I went into the bedroom to find him in my spot. So I lifted him up gently, and cradled him in my arms. He curled up into a little-boy-ball, still asleep. On the way to his bed, I heard his soft little hoarse voice: "I wanna lay with my momma."

"I know." I whispered as I laid him down in his bed and covered him up with his blankets. I expected to hear a protest, a whimper, a cry, something as I patted his back and left the room.

He didn't stir.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Let Me In"

The date: Last Wednesday January 21st.
The time: 5:30 a.m.
The scene: I'm awake, but barely. I'm getting read to get in the shower. The bathroom door is closed and the light is on. No other lights are on in the house. The shower is running and the exhaust fan too, so it's a little noisy.

From behind the door I hear a faint voice. A little boy voice. "Let me in. Let me in. Let me in."

I opened the door to find him laying on the floor with his mouth pushed under the crack in the door. "Let me in, Dada."

I put him into bed with his Mama and he went back to sleep.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No I want to roll.

I just got this hilarious email from Ade's Mommy. Here's the full text:

Ade says to me "oh honey" and I said "honey?" and then he said yeah,
"honey bucket"...Nice. Now all day I am called honey bucket. Also,
he was rolling his ball and I said "do you want to rock?" and he said
"no I want to roll".


Now, I want to roll.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A new year

Well, we made it through Christmas. Ade had just about as much fun as a little boy could have. When we celebrated at his maternal great-grandparents, the Holtmeiers (Hopameiers -- as Ade calls them), place on Saturday he quickly and oftly reminded everyone that "No! It's not christmas," with a very stern look. Though, once he figured out what was going on and started opening his presents, he didn't really mind. The family played a game of "Yankee Swap" and ate a delicious brunch, while Ade took the pictures.

On Christmas Eve, we went to Nana and Papa Williams for prime rib dinner and presents. Then, we exchanged gifts and enjoyed the merriment, and facial hairiness; good holiday fun. The most prized item, among the many great gifts Ade got, was a cool Thomas the tank engine train set...He loved, and continues to love it.

On Christmas morning we went over to Grams and Gramps Patterson's place, for MORE gifts and MORE merriment. On the way there, Ade asked: "I open presents?" Yeah dude, more presents! After exchanging gifts, we had another delicious prime-rib meal. We coached Ade for several days leading up to Christmas....if you ask him "Who's birthday is on Christmas?" He'll quickly tell you "Baby-Jesus' birthday." Pretty cute.

When the festivities at the Patterson's had waned, we ventured back across town to Nana's house for the DeWilde Christmas-travaganza. But what would we be eating, certainly we haven't had enough sustenance for more celebration? How about, another prime-rib dinner? This time with a spiral cut ham to wash to it down. The food was good. Needless to say, after three prime rib meals in two days, we were...full Ade got a few more thoughtful gifts...and the family played "Yankee Swap" with DVDs. Much fun was had by all. Finally, we fell into a over-proteinized coma; completely Christmassed out.

For the New year we travelled to Leavenworth with Oma, Opa, Grams and Gramps. We had to stay an unplanned evening in Bellevue because the pass was closed due to bad weather and avalanche conditions. The next day we made it to Leavenworth and enjoyed the quaint bavarian charm, good German food, and sleigh rides in the snow.

That catches us up to now. Check back, and take care.