Saturday, September 6, 2008

Summer's fun, but it's almost over.

Some of you might be wondering how potty training is going, or went, or whatever. So way back when, you'll see a post called "Our first no diaper day." That was a historic event, but it didn't really precede a series of no diaper days. In fact, it went well for a little while then a series of unfortunate events caused Ade to have a great fear of using the toilet. So, he went back to diapers for a while. He went back to diapers until about August. Recently we've been back at the training game, and he's been doing much better. He only wears a diaper at night now, and he frequently wakes up in the morning dry. He wears elmo underwear at nap time and he hasn't had an accident then, yet. It's been a few weeks and he's doing great!

Here's a couple shots from the state fair a weekend ago or so, the weather was great and everybody had an awesome time!