Monday, August 18, 2008

Scorching heat and 88th birthdays

It's been HOT.
Okay, not quite that hot, but over 100 degrees the past couple of days. The three of us (Ade, his Mommy and Daddy) have been trying to keep cool anyway we can. We've been visiting Grammy and Grampy P. who have a shady air conditioned house, and Oma and Opa where we play in the water. What happens when a two year old plays in the water? Say "goodbye pants" and jump in!

Today, Aug. 18th, was much cooler and it actually rained. Thank God. Also, today is Grandpa Ernie's 88th birthday. Everybody met over at his place for a little birthday party. Ade had fun eating cake, and singing "Happy Birthday" to "Papa Onie" as Ade calls him.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Where to start?

How long has it been?...More than a month!?!? So, where shall a delinquent blogger begin?

The last real update has been months and months, so here's the run-down. Ade is now 2 years and 2 months old. His vocabulary expands daily as does his ability to pronounce words clearly. For example: for many moons Ade's "Thank you" consisted of the correct sign language gesture and the word "ehbu". Recently that has morphed into a very clear "tank you"...he'll find that missing H eventually. It's remarkable how fast he learns, and how curious he is. He is such a blessing.

What about the "BBB"? He's in a full-fledged big-boy-bed now. Ever since we moved to South Salem (more on that later), he sleeps in a twin bed. Very exciting. He still has the nasty habit of getting up in the middle of the night to join his mom and dad in their bedroom, but we're working on that.

South Salem is now where we make our residence, since late May. The far-too-frequent commute to Salem finally did us in. We now live just a short jaunt from Ade's Oma and Oma H., his Great Grandma and Grandpa P., and his Great Grandpa Ernie (Ade's middle-name-sake). Here's a pic of a recent visit with "Nana" W. and GG Ernie:

Ade has done all sorts of fun things that you may not have heard about because of Adam'sDaddy's long silence. Here's a brief run down:

The Portland Zoo:

This was our "Let's start Dad's summer-vacation celebratory trip." The weather was great, and we got to see lots of animals.

Silver Creek Falls:

We took several 5-8 mile hikes around the falls area as a family.

Thomas the Tank Engine:

Oma and Opa took Ade to see Thomas. Ade fell asleep on the train-ride.

Camping at Cove Pallisades State Park:

It was HOT and dusty, and Ade won't take a shower so we had to get creative with bath-time.

Ade Like's Ice-Cream:
Ice cream photo
But then who doesn't?

After the fun family camping trip above, Adam'sDaddy took a goldmining trip down to southern Oregon with Uncle Alex. They had a fun time dredging for the yellow stuff until a boulder fell and rolled over Adam'sDaddy's left foot, then pinned his right foot, trapping him underwater. Luckily, Uncle Alex was able to move the boulder enough to get his foot out, and take Daddy to the hospital, where he was told he broke four bones in his left foot, and would have to have surgery to relieve the swelling in his left foot. Ade got to spend several nights at Nana W's house while Daddy recuperated in the Grant's Pass hospital. Everybody's back home and Daddy's foot is healing fine now.

Ta-Ta until next time, hopefully less than a month from now ;)