Thursday, September 9, 2010

Creative Rhyming

So, Ade's working in his workbook identifying rhyming words. At the top of the page, a picture of a cat. Also on the page a bat, a hat, a boat, a truck, and a dog. He makes up a silly little rhyme, open scene:

Ade: "The cat is in the bat." Circling the bat.
Ade: "The cat is in the hat." Circling the hat.
Ade: "The cat is in the fat." He pauses, then circles the dog.

Me: "Does dog rhyme with cat?"

Ade: "Well Dad, that dog is a little bit fat. And fat rhymes with cat."

Me: "I guess you're right."


Monday, September 6, 2010


Ade finally got a two-wheeler today. We gave it a go without training wheels, but he wasn't quite ready for that yet so we put the training wheels back on. Even with the additional wheels he still tipped it over on the turns a few times, after one of this spills:

Me: "It looks like you're having some trouble with the turns."

Ade: "No, I'm having trouble with the falling down."

Later on in the day:

Ade: "I think I twisted my angle."

Sunday, September 5, 2010


So, Ade stepped on a bee in the backyard - his first bee-sting. We discovered that he's not allergic, thank God, and that our normally pretty tough little guy turns into an Italian when in a lot of pain.

Ade, (Interspersed with howls and sobs): "Mama-mia, Mama-mia! Why does it hurt so much?"