Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Let Me In"

The date: Last Wednesday January 21st.
The time: 5:30 a.m.
The scene: I'm awake, but barely. I'm getting read to get in the shower. The bathroom door is closed and the light is on. No other lights are on in the house. The shower is running and the exhaust fan too, so it's a little noisy.

From behind the door I hear a faint voice. A little boy voice. "Let me in. Let me in. Let me in."

I opened the door to find him laying on the floor with his mouth pushed under the crack in the door. "Let me in, Dada."

I put him into bed with his Mama and he went back to sleep.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No I want to roll.

I just got this hilarious email from Ade's Mommy. Here's the full text:

Ade says to me "oh honey" and I said "honey?" and then he said yeah,
"honey bucket"...Nice. Now all day I am called honey bucket. Also,
he was rolling his ball and I said "do you want to rock?" and he said
"no I want to roll".


Now, I want to roll.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A new year

Well, we made it through Christmas. Ade had just about as much fun as a little boy could have. When we celebrated at his maternal great-grandparents, the Holtmeiers (Hopameiers -- as Ade calls them), place on Saturday he quickly and oftly reminded everyone that "No! It's not christmas," with a very stern look. Though, once he figured out what was going on and started opening his presents, he didn't really mind. The family played a game of "Yankee Swap" and ate a delicious brunch, while Ade took the pictures.

On Christmas Eve, we went to Nana and Papa Williams for prime rib dinner and presents. Then, we exchanged gifts and enjoyed the merriment, and facial hairiness; good holiday fun. The most prized item, among the many great gifts Ade got, was a cool Thomas the tank engine train set...He loved, and continues to love it.

On Christmas morning we went over to Grams and Gramps Patterson's place, for MORE gifts and MORE merriment. On the way there, Ade asked: "I open presents?" Yeah dude, more presents! After exchanging gifts, we had another delicious prime-rib meal. We coached Ade for several days leading up to Christmas....if you ask him "Who's birthday is on Christmas?" He'll quickly tell you "Baby-Jesus' birthday." Pretty cute.

When the festivities at the Patterson's had waned, we ventured back across town to Nana's house for the DeWilde Christmas-travaganza. But what would we be eating, certainly we haven't had enough sustenance for more celebration? How about, another prime-rib dinner? This time with a spiral cut ham to wash to it down. The food was good. Needless to say, after three prime rib meals in two days, we were...full Ade got a few more thoughtful gifts...and the family played "Yankee Swap" with DVDs. Much fun was had by all. Finally, we fell into a over-proteinized coma; completely Christmassed out.

For the New year we travelled to Leavenworth with Oma, Opa, Grams and Gramps. We had to stay an unplanned evening in Bellevue because the pass was closed due to bad weather and avalanche conditions. The next day we made it to Leavenworth and enjoyed the quaint bavarian charm, good German food, and sleigh rides in the snow.

That catches us up to now. Check back, and take care.